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01. New Item

Examination cart / Mobile Cart-Trolley
Vacuum Mixing Machine / V mixing D


Auto-Burnout Furnace / G3 – 1 ( Big size )
Auto-Burnout Furnace / MD-Q1
Auto-Burnout Furnace / MD-Q1 HT ( High temperature )
Re-burner / Ace Cleane

03.Investing / Casting Machines

Horizontal Type Casting Machine / Angel Caster
Vertical Type Casting Machine / C500II
Pressure Investing Machine / Bubble Remover V
Table top Vibrator / Strong Vibrator
Table Top Vibrator / Angel Vibrator Digital

04.Sand Blaster / Cleaners

Portable Water Distiller / Mini Classic CT
Dental Steamer / Locomo
Circulate Type Sand Blaster ( single hand piece )/ Cycle Blaster Jr.
Pressure and Circulate Type ( dual hand piece ) / Cycle Blaster Jr.II
Dual Pressure and Circulate Type ( Tripple hand piece ) / Cycle Blaster Jr.
Sand Blaster for Metal Plate / Sandex V
Ultrasonic Cleaner / Super Sonic VS-F100

05.Dust Collector / Drainage

Curing Accelerator for Gypsum Interceptor / Angel Clean Polymer

Table Top Dust Collector / Handy Duster
Dust Proof Glass with Magnifying Glass / Glass Stand
Freely Dust Collection Mouse / Flexible Mouse


Thermoforming Machine / Dual Former
PO Type Mouth Guard Sheet / Mouth Guard Sheet PO
Mouth Guard Sheet
Sprint Sheet
Individual Tray Sheet
Bleaching Sheet
Coping Sheet
Sheet Storage / Sterilize Sheet Storage

07.Denture / Wax

Flask, Flask Hand Press / Modern Flask, Modern Flask Waku for 1Flask, 2Flask, 3Flask
Stainless Flask, Stainless Flask Press/ Stainless Flask, EG Flask Press
Air Pressured Flask Press / Air Press
Sprue Wax Foaming/ Sprue Former
Sprue Wax Foaming / Wax Injector

08. Polishing and Welding

Table Top Auto Polishing Machine / Teru
Shot Type Polishing Machine / Shot Blast EZ
Ark Welding Machine/ Ark Welder
Synthetic Polishing Brush/ Denture Polisher Type A, B, C, C(no axis )
Lathe / Angel Leathe

09. Models and Casting related merchandise

USC Type Articulator / Angel USC Type Articulator
Metal Hollow Sprue Tube / Sprue Pin Tube ( Small, Medium, Large, Assorted)
Removable Die Type Model Pin/ Angel Dowel Pin ( Single Side S,M/Dual Side M )
Ligation Wire / Binding Wire
Model Trimmer Disk / Dia Net Disk
Metering Graduated Cylinder/ Chemical Messzylinder
Non Asbestos Type Ring Liner / Cast Ribbon
Casting Tongue/ Ring Tongue
Casting Ring / Stainless Ring and Rubber Former
Silicon Gypsum Model Frame/ Angel Silicon Former


Polishing Abrasive With Diamond Particles / MultiBlue Kirameki
Polishing sand For Denture/ Volcanic Ash Polisher, Angel V Polish
Finger Guard/ Yubi Guard
Bur Type Polishing Abrasive / MultiBlue
Robinson Brush/ Angel Robinson Brush
Sand Blaster Media / Glass Beads, Aluminum Oxide>
Synthetic Polishing Wheel/ Denture Pad ( Rough, Fine )

11.Denture Polishing

Hand Soap With Scrub / Scurub Clean
Gypsum dissolving agent / Hi Melt
Dental polishing compound / Super Clean
Palladium alloy cleaning solution / Palla Mate

12.Clinical Related Appliances

Digital mixed water measuring instrument / Ktamena
Impression trays / Color Soft Impression Trays
Uv Sterilizer box / Aporonkeeper NB-1
Uv Sterilizer box> Aporonkeeper A-2

13.Clinical Related Merchandise

Foam type hand soap / Hizuki
Stable sodium hypochlorite / V Clean
Dental agar impression material / Aqualoid
Treatment towel / Angel Towel Drape
mixing paper for cement / Pat Pat Pat
Anti-rust agent for instrument / Dr. Steril
Treatment cotton roll / Mascot Roll Cotton
Medicated hand soap / Palm Clean

14.Compressed Air Related Appliances

Air blower gun / Air Gun Set
Gypsum rock drill machine / Air Chisel NF-00
Lubricating type air compressor / JUN-AIR

15.Digital Laboratory Devise

Dental CAD / CAM machine / DORA/WAXY

16. Oral and Healthcare

Hydrogen water server / AQUA88
Quadratic surface fluid pillow / S-Sleep DENTAL
Mouth wash / Kuchilabo

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