■ Three-sided heater on the top and both sides is adopted in a wide furnace capable of housing 4 φ 90 rings, realizing temperature rise with uniform temperature distribution.

■ It can register one pattern of quick mode which heats up to 800 ℃ up to 30 minutes (no load) and program mode 5 pattern which can moor three stages at maximum.
Easy operation with touch panel and fulfilling functions.

■ Built-in digital clock for displaying the current time (24 hours total), you can set the reserved timer at any time.。

Body size: W380 × H480 × D 500 m / m
Inner furnace size: W 200 × H 120 × D 240 m / m
Power: 100 V 1400 w
Weight: 32 kg

General medical device report number 27B2X00306K00025

List price 498,000 yen (tax not included)