<Portable distilled water making machines> Mini Classic CT

Distilled water of high purity is supplied for trouble prevention of autoclave steam cleaner.

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■ Purify distilled water of high purity by cooling the steam made by boiling tap water with a heater.
■ Do not take a place to place it on a desktop type.
■ Purify approximately 3 liters of distilled water in a single operation. After completing work, it stops automatically.
■ Pouring tap water Boiling tank with tank and heater can be removed from the main body, making water injection, cleaning and maintenance easy.

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Body dimensions: W350 x H 400 x D 250 mm
Power supply voltage: 100 V 50/60 Hz
Power: 820 w
Weight: 11 kg
Flow rate: about 0.85 L / H (3 L at about 3.5 hours) * 1 time in 3.5 hours
Distilled water purity: 1.9 μS / cm (0.19 mS / m)
Accessory: Glass container (with lid) × 1
Activated carbon filter × 1 (Please change activated carbon filter once every 3 months)

General medical device report number 27B2X00306P00028

Price 125,000 yen (excluding tax)

Activated carbon filter for replacement
List price 600 yen (tax not included)

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