<Pressure + circulation type sand blaster (2 pens)> circul jr.Ⅱ

■ Outstanding jetting power and smooth sand treatment.
■ Equipped with guard sheet to prevent fogging of viewing window.
■ Two different types of abrasive can be used, two pen type.
■ Economical sand blaster that constantly injects new abrasive from the pressurized tank and reuses it in a circulating tank.

Size: W 345 x H 400 x D 350 m / m
Power: AC 100 V · 30 W
Weight: 10 kg
Working air: 0.29 to 0.69 MPa (3 to 7 kgf / cm 2)

General medical device report number 27B2X00306K00006
List price 195,000 yen (tax not included)