■ Injection type polishing machine using special elastic resin abrasive (PAT.), Realizing fine and lubricious polishing without impairing the shape of the abrasive surface.
■ As a use, metal floor (Titanium floor is a plus), resin (lubricate without losing compatibility of mucosal surface) is particularly effective.
Also in crown work, it is effective for finish polishing such as occlusal surfaces of hard resins and bridges.

Body size: W 310 x H 760 x D 410 m / m
Power: AC 100 V · 500 W
Weight: 36 kg
Working air: 0.3 to 0.6 MPa

List price 750,000 yen (excluding tax)

● Finishing set in abrasive material (GC): 1 L of intermediate finishing abrasive material Recycled powder for finishing 500 g Polishing liquid 100 cc

List price 4,2000 yen (excluding tax)

● Abrasive mirror finish set (diamond): 1 L of abrasive for mirror finish Finishing regenerated powder 50 g Polishing liquid 100 cc

Price 90,000 yen (tax excluded)

※ Shot blast EZ body does not come with abrasive material. Please purchase one of two types of abrasives according to the application.