<Vertical centrifugal casting machine> C500Ⅱ

■ Large vertical centrifugal casting machine pursuing castability and safety.
■ A powerful leaf spring gives an outstanding initial speed, and it exerts its power especially in high fusion alloy such as nickel alloy.
■ Starting the foot switch, casting is extremely safe with all front operation.

A unique vertical centrifugal casting machine is a representative device of the Daejeon Dental Industry, which can be easily cast even with a nickel alloy which can not be cast with a burner at a large casting pressure obtained with a leaf spring.

Size: W 560 x H 580 x D 280 m / m
Power: 100 V · 50 w
Weight: 15.5 kg
Supplied goods: Protective cover price 30,000 yen (excluding tax)

General medical device reporting number 27B2X00306K00012
Price 250,000 yen (tax excluded)